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When was the last time your Ford vehicle had a tire change?

Working with Ford new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs is more of a passion than a job for everyone at our dealership in Alhambra. This means that we're highly efficient and we know Ford inside and out. We are just as invested in maintaining the high quality and performance of your new or used vehicle as you are. Here at Bob Wondries Ford, we carry an extensive selection of high-quality tires, competitive prices, and tires that are professionally matched to your vehicle.

How Often Should You Change Your Car Tires?

Every time that you drive, your tires undergo additional wear and tear. This means that you will have to replace them several times over the course of your Ford's lifespan. Never put off replacing your tires, as this can endanger your safety. Different tire types will last for varying amounts of time, and their durability also depends on your driving habits. As such, you need to regularly check them for wear.

You will know that you definitely have to change your tires if they begin to get worn down past 1/16 inches of tread. You can easily test this yourself with any penny. Place it between the treads with Lincoln's head down. If you see the entire head, you need to get your tire replaced. Don't forget to monitor how your Ford reacts while driving. If you notice an unusual amount of vibration, you should have your tires looked at by a professional.

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We carry MHT Luxury Alloy Wheels

Foose MHT Wheels


All wheels (cast or forged) from MHT's family of brands are available in any finish including brushed with transparent tints, from our custom paint facility.

Niche MHT Wheels


Niche Sport Series wheels are cast mono block construction with concave profiles with spokes extending to the edge of the lip allowing for maximum concavity, aggressive staggered fitments, and large caliper clearance.

Rotiform MHT Wheels


All new Monoblock low-pressure cast wheels with a fresh redesign and new concave profiles. Available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to suit your vehicle.

U.S. Mag

Standard cast center is welded into a spun-forged rim. Wheels can be ordered with custom back-spacing to fit your Hot Rod, Truck or Muscle Car. Centers are available in Chrome, High Luster Polish, Textured Black or Textured Silver.

U.S. Mag MHT Wheels


DUB Wheels has defined the custom wheel movement for over two decades, and we continue to push the envelope.

Dub MHT Wheels


Mono block construction available. Custom finishing available on center and bead-lock ring.

Fuel MHT Wheels
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