Bob Wondries Trade-In and Red Carpet Lease Bonus Cash

Do you feel you didn't get enough for your Trade-In or coming off a Lease and not sure your Options? Trade-in your old vehicle and instantly receive bonus cash from Bob Wondries Ford towards a new model and lower your monthly payments while you're at it.

Retail Trade Assist Cash

It's simple, you currently own or lease a vehicle and we want to upgrade you to America's Best Selling vehicles with similar or even lower monthly payments. Ford is making it easier than ever by offering up to $2,500 in Trade-In Assist Bonus Cash to put towards your new Ford purchase or lease.

Ford Red Carpet Lease

For predictable usage vehicles, choose this closed-end lease with no residual risk. When you complete your lease as agreed, simply bring the vehicle to your Ford Dealer. You are only responsible for any excess mileage and wear and use charges.

Red Carpet Lease protects you by waiving the gap between your insurance payoff and your outstanding lease balance if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. With GAP protection, you’re responsible for only the insurance deductible and any outstanding charges (e.g., past-due payments) at the time of the incident. Certain restrictions may apply.

2020 MY Vehicles $1,000+

2020 Ford Escape Gas $1,000
2020 Ford Escape HEV $1,000

2021 MY Vehicles $500+

2021 Ford Mustang $500
2021 Ford Edge $500
2021 Ford Bronco Sport $500
2021 Ford Explorer $1,000
2021 Ford Escape $1,500
2021 Ford Ranger $2,000
2021 Ford Ecosport $2,000
2021 Ford F-150 $2,500
2021 Ford Expedition $3,500
*Retail Trade Assist Cash requires trade-in of 1995 or newer Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or Competitive Car, Truck or SUV or have an expiring lease. Customers who have terminated their lease up to 90 days prior to the sale date of the new vehicle are eligible. Customer must have owned or leased the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, or Competitive, Truck, or SUV vehicle for a minimum of 30 days prior to the sale date of the new vehicle. Trade vehicle amount may only be applied to one (1) new vehicle lease or purchase. Customers must terminate their existing lease within 180 days after the sale date of the new vehicle to be eligible for this incentive Dealer determines trade in value. Amount varies. This program is NOT compatible with other public, private offers or direct offers. Vehicle supply is limited. Residency restrictions apply. For all offers, take new retail delivery from an authorized Ford Dealer’s stock by 8/2/2021. See dealer for qualifications and complete details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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